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Crowdfunding Application

JCU Connect are supporting a Research Crowdfunding pilot aiming to increase research visibility, connectivity and global interest. JCU will be using the platform pozible.com for the pilot with the first 2019 internal call for applications opening on the 25th of March 2019. Selection will be undertaken by an assessment panel with senior representation from the Academic Divisions, Directorates of Advancement, Marketing and JCU Connect.

Pozible is an Australian born, global crowdfunding platform that specialises in all-or-nothing, reward based crowdfunding. All-or-nothing campaigns are only paid out If project creator reaches or exceed the funding target they set. If they don’t hit their target, they don’t receive funding.

Pozible Specifications:

Campaigns must be Project-Based - all Pozible crowdfunding campaigns must aim to fund a project. That is, the campaign must have a clearly defined outcome, timeframe and goal.

The project may have:

  • A community outcome
  • An environmental outcome
  • An educational outcome
  • An innovative outcome

Whatever your project goal, explain clearly what your funds go towards, have a set target and say when you’ll do what.

For further questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Commercial Development Manager Brook Orr on 07 4232 1121 or send an email.

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