Research Toolkit

About This Toolkit

JCU has a strong track record in the delivery of high-quality research through success in competitive grants as well as through our connections with our industry and community partners.

As competition intensifies for limited research funding, many staff have sought assistance from the JCU Connect team about how they can build their capability to identify, develop and deliver high-quality research projects.

This Toolkit provides practical, user-friendly information and advice to help staff develop, secure and manage a range of research projects.

It is designed to assist academic staff to access information which supports considerations and activities essential to initiating a new externally-funded research project.

For more complex elements such as project pricing and contracting, the JCU Connect and Finance teams are available to assist.

We trust that you find this resource useful. We welcome feedback from you on the materials in this Toolkit and will continue to build upon it over time.

Rochelle Finlay

Director, JCU Connect

James Cook University

What's in the Toolkit?

The Research Toolkit is divided into five categories according to the stages of a research project: Pre-Project, Starting Project, Mid-Project, Finishing Project, and Post-Project. Within each of these stages are sections focused on individual aspects of that stage of your project and are structured so that you can find helpful information for whatever stage your project is in.

This section outlines the necessary steps you will need to take before you can commence your project. There are resources provided within these pages that can help you to plan and prepare for your project, along with information that can help you consider your project as a whole as well as a compilation of many parts.

Once you've completed all of the necessary steps, you can commence your project. This webpage assists you in making sure that you are ready to start your project; this means checking that all of the requirements are met. These requirements include setting up your research grant, putting an appropriate contract in place, obtaining ethics approval, purchasing goods and services, hiring staff, appointing a subcontractor, and communicating with project team members.

During your project, it is important to keep track of each element and aspect of the project. The elements highlighted in this section include financial management, invoicing and debtor management, travel arrangements, any issues with scope, timeframe or contracts, intellectual property standards and issues, communicating regularly with project team members, and report writing.

Upon finishing your project, there are steps you will need to take to ensure that your project is properly documented and finalised while also ensuring its future potential. This page outlines the finishing steps of a research project, which include writing a final report, submitting a final invoice, distributing surplus funds, publishing outcomes, and developing a potential next opportunity.

Your finished project may hold an opportunity to commercialise and develop intellectual property out of your research. This page outlines how JCU Connect can assist you in pursuing commercialisation and development.