After Proposal Submission

Responding to Assessor's Reports - The Rejoinder Process

Applicants for ARC and NHMRC grants may be given the opportunity to submit a ‘rejoinder’ – a reply to comments from grant assessors. The JCU Connect website and the ARC website have advice on rejoinders.

JCU Connect recommends you take advantage of the opportunity as it could make a difference between success and failure. Granting bodies say that in most years, about 10 per cent of rejoinders affect the outcome of the application.

The key advice is to pick out the most important points, answer factually, provide references where needed, and don’t attack the assessor or the system.

A rejoinder is not an opportunity to substantially redesign the study. You have been assessed on the grant you submitted and cannot be re-evaluated on a new study.

Further Reading

After you submit your rejoinder, your next step is Pricing Your Project.