Setting Up Your Research Project

Once you’ve received notification that your research project is up and running, there is a range of practical things that you need to do to ensure that your project runs smoothly. In the event that you encounter difficulties in the delivery of your project, there are also some things that you can do to get your project back on track. If you can’t find the answers below, JCU Connect staff are available to assist with any queries.

Setting Up Your Research Grant

You will need to provide the following to JCU Connect to allow an account to be set up, invoices to be created and your access to project funds organised by Grants Finance:

  1. The signed and completed Research Funding Approval Form
  2. A copy of the original application to the funding body
  3. The letter from the funding body notifying that the grant has been successful and any attached agreements for signing or offer of grant forms.

Once all paperwork is in order, the information can be entered into JCU Connect database (RIMS) and sent to Financial and Business Services for action. Finance and Business Services will open an account for the project, advise the Chief Investigator or project leader of the account number and create the invoices.

Seek assistance from JCU Connect to develop and/or review the proposed contract and ensure that intellectual property and other issues are properly addressed (see the Research Contracts section of this Toolkit). JCU Connect will assist you to negotiate any contractual terms.

Early Project Requirements

Contact JCU Connect for any assistance in obtaining ethics approval (see the Research Ethics section of this Toolkit).

You can purchase goods and services once your project has been set up and you have an account for the project. Please note that all purchases of goods and services must be made in accordance with JCU’s Procurement Policy and Procurement Procedure.

If you need to hire a new staff member to work on the project, contact your Division’s HR consultant.

If you wish to engage a third party to collaborate with you on a research project, you will need to arrange for a subcontract to be put in place between JCU and the third party. Contact JCU Connect for assistance with this process.

Make sure every project team member is aware of:

  • Project deadlines
  • Their tasks for the project and how much time it should take to complete them
  • The budget associated with travel and non-salary expenses relevant to them
  • Any project risks you have anticipated before starting the project and strategies to mitigate them

Put in place a regular series of meetings during the project so that you can ensure that all project team members are aware of their role and making the contribution that you expect.