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National Health and Medical Research Council Information

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is Australia's peak body for supporting health and medical research; for developing health advice for the Australian community, health professionals and governments; and for providing advice on ethical behaviour in health care and in the conduct of health and medical research.

NHMRC brings together within a single national organisation the functions of research funding and development of advice.

It draws upon the resources of all components of the health system, including governments, medical practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals, researchers, teaching and research institutions, public and private program managers, service administrators, community health organisations, social health researchers and consumers.

NHMRC New Grants Program

In 2020, the NHMRC will continue the implementation of its new Grants program, which was introduced in 2019. The program consists of four funding streams:

  • Investigator Grants: This stream will consolidate separate fellowship and research support into one grant scheme that will provide the highest-performing researchers at all career stages with funding for their salary (if required) and a significant research support package.
  • Synergy Grants: will provide $5 million per grant for outstanding multi-disciplinary research teams to work together to answer complex questions.
  • Ideas Grants: will support innovative and creative research projects, and be available to researchers with bright ideas at all career stages, including early and mid-career researchers.
  • Strategic and Leveraging Grants: will support research that addresses identified national needs. This will include an enhanced Targeted Calls for Research scheme and a dedicated funding stream for Clinical Trails and Cohort Studies. It also includes existing schemes such as Centres of Research Excellence, Development Grants, international collaborative schemes, and Partnerships for Better Health (Partnership Centres and Partnership Projects).

For more information on the new Grants Program, please see NHMRC CEO new grant program webinar slides

NHMRC Grants Program Schedule 2019 - 2020

The 2019 - 2020 schedule and key dates for making applications for NHMRC grants is as follows:

NHMRC Grant SchemeApplication Notification of Intent due to DTHMApplications OpenApplication minimum data due to NHMRCApplication final draft due to DTHMApplication final draft due to JCU Connect and internal closeApplication final due to NHMRC (Applications close)
Partnership Projects PRC31 May 20191 August 201920 November 201923 October 20196 November 20194 December 2019
Investigator Grants2 July 20192 October 201931 October 201916 October 201930 October 201927 November 2019
Development Grants23 July 201923 October 201920 November 201930 October 201913 November 201911 December 2019
Synergy Grants26 November 201926 February 202025 March 202017 March 202025 March 202022 April 2020
CTCS Grants4 December 20194 March 20201 April 202024 March 20201 April  202029 April 2020
Ideas Grants11 December 201911 March 20208 April 202025 March 20208 April 20206 May 2020

How to apply for NHMRC Grants

All JCU researchers intending to apply for a NHMRC grant are expected to submit an NOI to the Office of the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine (DTHM).

The NOI should use the proformas provided below, and be submitted to dthm@jcu.edu.au at least 12 weeks prior to the opening date of the grant scheme, as per the above JCU - NHMRC Grants Program Schedule.

Review the DTHM NOI proforma and further guidance for JCU Early and Mid Career researchers.

Review the DTHM NOI proforma and further guidance for JCU Senior researchers.

Early provision of an NOI will allow JCU Connect and the DTHM to identify and support early- and mid-career researchers in the development of their funding application.

Please contact DTHM for any questions on the NOI process at dthm@jcu.edu.au or on (07) 4781 5036.

Useful links:

All applications will need to be completed in NHMRC’s grant application and management system RGMS.

To commence an application, researchers will need an active RGMS profile and CV. For further information on how to create an RGMS profile, please see the NHMRC RGMS User Guide – Applying for Grants.

The NHMRC publishes separate guidelines and application instructions for each grant scheme. JCU Connect will advise the researcher community when this documentation has been made available by NHMRC.

All NHMRC scheme guidelines and application instructions are accessed at Grant Connect, the Australian Government’s centralised grant management system.

Researchers must familiarize themselves with this documentation prior to the development of an application.

For any questions on the guidelines or application instructions, please contact JCU Connect Grant’s Team at Grantsconnect@jcu.edu.au or on (07) 4781 6213.

Draft Application

Draft applications need be completed in the NHMRC’s grant application and management system RGMS.

For further information on using RGMS to apply for a grant, please see the RGMS User Guide – Applying for Grants.

Through the Australian Government’s Grant Connect, the NHMRC will also publish a template in which the specific project proposal is to be developed.

Applicants should plan ahead to ensure documentation from other participants to the application (such as letters of consent or support) are collected in a timely manner.

Peer Review

Researchers who wish to have their draft application peer-reviewed, either externally or internally, must provide their draft application to DTHM six weeks prior to the relevant scheme closing date, as per the timelines outlined in the JCU - NHMRC Grants Program Schedule.

Researchers may also provide their application directly to an identified peer reviewer, with advice to that effect to DTHM at: dthm@jcu.edu.au

JCU Connect Review

Draft applications must also be provided to JCU Connect four weeks prior to the submission date for feedback and review, as per the timelines outlined in the JCU - NHMRC Grants Program Schedule.

A completed Research Funding Approval Form, signed by the CIA and appropriate JCU delegate must also be provided along with the draft application.

JCU Connect will provide feedback and work with applicants individually to ensure, as far as possible, that the application is of competitive standard, and can be supported by the University.

JCU Connect is responsible for submitting all NHMRC grant applications on behalf of JCU applicants, once an application has been certified by the CIA in RGMS.

The CIA should only certify that the application is complete in consultation with JCU Connect.

If the application involves the participation of other researchers, then formal consent will need to be obtained by the CIA that the participants agree to their role and the application can be submitted.

Further information on CIA responsibilities in developing and finalizing an application can be identified in the appropriate NHMRC grant scheme guidelines on the Australian Government’s Grant Connect.

Applicants are also encouraged to confirm their understandings with the JCU Connect Grant’s team at Grantsconnect@jcu.edu.au or on (07) 4781 6213.