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Calculation of Personnel Salaries for Budget Details of ARC Applications

The salary of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Fellow must not be included as an in-kind contribution from an organisation in the budget section of proposals to any ARC funding scheme.

ARC Fellowships are funded by the Commonwealth. The inclusion of an ARC Fellow salary as an organisational in-kind contribution may lead to a proposal being excluded and not recommended for funding.

The ARC has advised in its “Instructions to Applicants” for Discovery rounds that applicants should “not build increments into the amounts requested. The increments referred to are the annual pay rises arising from enterprise agreements. Organisations may still include salary increases to match anticipated normal progress through salary increments within a classification level based on current pay scales”. Similar advice is included in the Instructions for other ARC schemes.

Although enterprise bargaining increments are not allowed, you still need to progress salaries through step levels for each year of funding requested and include the appropriate on-costs.

The ARC salaries appointments spreadsheet provides information about rates to be used in for staff appointed on ARC funds – and part-time appointments.

This spreadsheet details the figures that should be included in columns 2 and 3 (for Direct Costs). When completing Column 1 for appointments, note that the on-cost rate to be quoted is 29.2518%. And remember that you should increment the costs of any staff member appointed for more than one year.

For example - using the figures from the spreadsheet's calculator - for a Research Associate appointment you should enter in Columns 1, 2 & 3 for Year 1 and 2:

Year 1

Column 1 (Description)

Column 2 (ARC)

Column 3 (AdminOrg)

Research Associate A6 @ 1 FTE + 29.2518% on-costs



Year 2

Column 1 (Description)

Column 2 (ARC)

Column 3 (AdminOrg)

Research Associate A7 @ 1 FTE + 29.2518% on-costs



The ARC salaries contribution 2015 spreadsheet should be used to extract figures for contributions by JCU staff.

For the Discovery round, the ARC Salaries Fellowships 2015 spreadsheet should be used to derive the figures to enter in Section D1 for DORA’s. Refer to the relevant Funding Rules for figures for APDIs, APAIs, etc.

For further assistance please see our Assistance for Grant Applicants page.