New Professor Grants Guidelines


New Professor Grants are designed to assist new Professors to establish their research activities at JCU.

Download the application form.


Eligible applicants must be new to James Cook University and have been appointed to a professorial position.


Grants will be awarded up to $25,000.

Funds are to be used for the project’s general research purposes e.g. research assistance, equipment, maintenance, consumables and research travel.

Colleges are responsible for providing basic facilities, for which the grant cannot be used. These include:

  • Conference Travel;

  • Accommodation (e.g. laboratory and office);

  • Access to film or music editing facilities;

  • Access to a basic library collection;

  • Standard reference materials or funds for abstracting services;

  • Provision of computers, including laptops (excluding access to high-performance computers or other specialised applications) and basic computing facilities such as printers, word processing and other standard software; and

  • Use of photocopiers, telephones, mail, fax, email and internet services.

Duration of Grant

Grants must commence within one year of the applicant taking up the professorial appointment at JCU. Grant funds must be fully expended two years from the date the grant is awarded.


A complete application consists of:

  • New Professor Grants application form;

  • Two (2) pages free form text describing the project.

The project description (2) pages must include a clear outline of the project’s scope (including a timeline), aims and a justification of the budget.

Assessment Process

Applications will be reviewed by the appropriate Divisional Deputy Vice-Chancellor and forwarded to the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor for approval.


The Research Services will call for reports annually on the outcomes of the project. A final report must be submitted upon completion of the project. (Research Services will provide a pro-forma report form for this purpose). Reports will be referred to the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor for review and approval.