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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs

There are several programs and subjects available at JCU in which innovation and entrepreneurship are the focus. Through these various methods of learning, an aspiring innovator can develop their sense of how to begin an innovating project. Below are programs which you may be interested in to further your understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Startup OnRamp Pre-Accelerator Program

The Startup OnRamp Pre-Accelerator program is for those that have a compelling business idea and aspire to form a startup, but still require some knowledge, skills, connections and confidence to maximise early startup success. Over the course of 13 weeks, face-to-face workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions with JCU Entrepreneurs-in-Residence teach what it takes to move from idea to entrepreneur. The program is offered at the JCU Ideas Lab and program costs are subsidised with a JCU scholarship.

Find out more about the JCU Startup OnRamp Pre-Accelerator program.

JCU Startup OnRamp Pre-Accelerator

2019 JCU Technology Design Sprint

If you are passionate about innovation through the opportunities provided by technology, JCU's Bachelor of Technology and Innovation is the degree that can take you where you want to go.

Make a difference to modern industry with the Bachelor of Technology and Innovation at JCU. Develop the skills and knowledge to deliver safe and sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Bachelor of Technology and Innovation (118410)

Design Lab - NM3410

In this subject, students will typically work in a collaborative environment to explore design with business, social and cultural contexts. Students will examine advanced design and communication concepts and produce creative projects.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship - LB5233

This subject explores the concept that for innovation to be successful in the modern world, organisations need to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. It also links the firm's innovation process with the overall strategy of the business.

Strategic Entrepreneurship - BX3173

Innovation-driven entrepreneurship explores strategy and entrepreneurship presenting these integrated areas in a theoretical, applied and experiential manner based on key themes. These include mainstream and social entrepreneurship identifying commonalities and differences between each category.

Entrepreneurship in International Emerging Economies - LB5220

This subject focuses on entrepreneurship in emerging international markets of developing countries and discusses issues of sustainable self-determination, regional economic development and the role 'business angels' and government play in this regard.

Technopreneurship: the E entrepreneur - LB5222

The technology entrepreneur, also known as a technopreneur, is a person who identifies a technology-based opportunity and creates a business opportunity from an idea based on technology, innovates through commercialising based upon a robust business model. This subject explores how the technology venture is designed, developed and enhances technology products and services.

Collective Intelligence and Entrepreneurship - CP2405

In this subject, students analyse the social and business impact and applications collective intelligence has in a rapidly changing digital world. Students will explore the start-up lifecycle and related Web2.0/3.0 technologies with particular focus on entrepreneurship, e-marketing and human resource management.

Introduction to Creativity and Innovation - NM1810

The subject introduces the concepts of creativity and innovation and explores the role that they play in organisations and firms, economies and societies, art institutions and processes. Key themes discussed include the role of creators, creative thinking, creative technology, individual and institutional creative process, creative collaborations, ideas-development, and models of business and social innovation.

Business Innovation and Technology Management - LB5124

This subject provides a strategic perspective of technology/innovation management and its impact on the competitive positioning of the firm. We will examine tools and techniques that help leaders understand emerging trends and the opportunities/threats they may present to prevailing business models.

Innovative Teaching in the Health Professions - HS5409

This subject provides an opportunity for health professionals to further develop their teaching skills in areas including innovative assessment, simulation, e-learning technologies and audio.