JCU Connect Tools and Forms Research Publication Collection Responsibility for the Collection of Output Data

Responsibility for the Collection of Output Data

Researchers are responsible for ensuring that publication information, including electronic copies required for verification, is entered in ResearchOnline@JCU as soon as feasible by either entering the publication themselves or providing the output to the College's publication officer for data entry.

Both researchers and administrative staff can load publications into ResearchOnline@JCU. The depositor of a publication will be notified if library staff make any edits, which will affect the classification of the publication.


Each college is responsible for establishing collection and data entry procedures within the College, and the completeness and accuracy of the College data each year.

It is recommended that colleges nominate a staff member who is responsible for:

  • establishing collection procedures;
  • ensuring the timely completion of the initial information gathering process;
  • ensuring that all appropriate publications are included;
  • advising other academics of the correct classification of publications;
  • advising the Dean of College on completeness and accuracy of College data; and
  • checking that any supporting documentation is complete and provided to the Library.

Library Information Resources

Library Information Resources staff will verify bibliographic data of records entered into ResearchOnline@JCU, and check eligibility for Research Classification (see Publication Categories).

Data Information Resources staff do not verify/check/edit are:

  • Author Organisational Units (ORGU)
  • Author Type for JCU Student or JCU Staff
  • Sensitivity
  • FoR and SEO codes

Library Information Resources staff will search internet databases and send quarterly lists of potentially unclaimed publications to College / Research Centre contacts. Help guides and support information for depositing publications in ResearchOnline@JCU are available from the ResearchOnline@JCU homepage.

JCU Connect

JCU Connect is responsible for generating and emailing progress publication lists in between February and April of each year to:

  • The College’s publication contacts (as nominated to Research Information)
  • Deans of Colleges / Research Centres (and their Research Directors)
  • Associate Deans of Research

In May, their database will generate and mail the final research publication list to each Dean of College / Research Centre Director.