Commercialisation & Development

As a researcher, you may require support to commercialise and develop intellectual property arising from your research at JCU.

If you’re working on an innovative idea, method or advance in technology, JCU Connect can help you turn it into something with tangible value and real community impact. JCU’s Development and Commercialisation team provides advice and support to JCU researchers to identify, evaluate and commercialise JCU’s intellectual property.

Whether you are starting with:

  • Copyright – such as a business model, database and software
  • Registered IP – such as patents, trademarks or designs
  • Know-how – your expertise

We make sure that your IP is protected and that you receive the appropriate recognition for your research.

Contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss:

  • The stage of your project
  • What you’d like to achieve
  • Potential markets, partners and competitors
  • Ways you can protect the intellectual property

The Development and Commercialisation team will help you by providing advice and support to:

  • Assist with completing an Innovation Disclosure and Originators Statement
  • Determine the potential commercial value of an idea or design
  • Protect the intellectual property if appropriate
  • Obtain access to sources of funding to commercialise technology
  • Develop a commercialisation strategy

Innovators receive a generous share in net commercialisation revenues, in accordance with the JCU’s Intellectual Property and Procedure.


Contact the Business Development team.