During Your Project

Below are the elements that you will need to keep track of during your project. If you need assistance in deciding how to approach these tasks or balancing the running of your project along with managing your project, contact JCU Connect.

The Grants Finance team will set up your contract in their contract management system and diarise any financial and reporting milestones that are in the contract. As these milestones approach, they will contact you and ask you to review the expenditure incurred against the account to confirm that it is valid and in line with the contract.

Your account can be accessed via Finance@JCU (COGNOS) on the staff home page on the JCU website. A copy of the contract and any other pertinent documentation will be stored here, and you will be able to view the activity on your account and, importantly, the funds available to spend.

The Grants Finance team monitors invoicing milestones and will contact you when an invoice is scheduled to be raised. Once the invoice is raised, the Accounts Receivable team will send invoices and manage payments.

For any inquiries regarding your travel and assistance with booking, paying and finalising your travel, contact your local administration team for details on your Division’s Travel Arranger.

Always contact JCU Connect if there is a change to the project scope, price or terms, or if project staff or subcontractors change. These circumstances may require an amendment or extension to the existing contract. JCU Connect can assist with putting the correct contractual arrangements in place.

If you consider that the project is not on track (whether or not this is within your control) and this may lead to conflict or disagreement with your client, notify JCU Connect so that mitigation strategies can be put in place. It is generally better to communicate early about potential issues rather than to wait until problems escalate to the point that they cannot be easily addressed.

If an intellectual property issue arises during the delivery of the project, contact JCU Connect as soon as possible.

Make sure you communicate regularly with your project team and client to see how your project is progressing. Check with the project team that they are on track with their tasks as you set out at the beginning of the project, and if there have been any unexpected issues or findings.

Flag any issues or findings you have identified with your client, with proposed solutions, as this may change the way the client wants to proceed within the project.

If the client requires changes to scope, budget and timelines, contact JCU Connect to check if any changes to the contract need to be made.

As you near the final stages of your project, JCU Connect can also assist you in Finishing Your Project.