Finishing Your Project

Below are the final details and steps that you will need to take at the completion of your project.

Once you have submitted the final report to your client or funding agency, ensure that you retain a copy as evidence of compliance with the contract.

If a final invoice is due, please contact Grants Finance with instructions to raise the final invoice.

If your project has been costed and priced in full, there will be surplus funds (the ‘profit margin’) available at the conclusion of the project. As long as the terms of the contract allow for surplus funds to be retained by the university, funds are distributed to your Division to be used at their discretion.

Debrief with your project team, comparing what you expected the project required with what was ultimately delivered, with respect to scope, time and outcomes. This will be useful in helping you think about scoping and pricing your next contract.

You can publish outcomes from your project if your client has agreed to this and ideally this will be reflected in the contract.

The end of your project may present opportunities for further discussions with your client around “what next?” It is often easier to approach a satisfied client for the next stage of work than it is to find a new client with whom you have no existing relationship. If you need assistance in pitching the next phase of research to your client, contact JCU Connect.

After the completion of your project, there may be opportunities for Commercialisation and Development.