JCU-CSIRO Partnership Governance and contacts

Governance and contacts


Ally Lankester
Collaboration Development Officer |  CSIRO and JCU Partnership
[email protected]
07 4753 8544 
0459 8581 00

Note: Ally works Thurs and Fri to support the partnership


The partnership is governed by a Steering Committee and Operational Group with representatives from the Indigenous, environment, agriculture, health and biosecurity sections of both organisations.


Steering Committee ​

Andrew Krockenberger 
(Dean of Research)
Chris Chilcott
(Deputy Director L&W) ​
 Ron White
(Dean CSE)​
Michelle Baker
(Mission Lead H&B)​
 Maxine Whittaker
(Co-Director WHO Collaborating Centre for Vector Borne and Neglected Tropical Diseases CPHMVS)​
Michelle Colgrave 
(Deputy Director A&F)​
 Damien Burrows
(Director TropWATER)​
Brett Moloney
(Deputy Director O&A)​
Operations Group ​

Prof Ian Atkinson
(Director eResearch Centre)​
[email protected]

Frank Gafa
(University Partnership Manager, Indigenous Science Program)​
(Office of Chief Scientist, Clayton)
[email protected]


Ian Watson
(Senior Principal Research Scientist A&F)​
(A&F, TownsvilleATSIP)
[email protected]


Dr Vincent Backhaus
(Research Fellow Cairns Institute and Indigenous Education and Research centre)​
[email protected]

Roslyn Hickson
(joint position) (Science Leader H&B and CPHMVS)​
(H&B, TownsvilleATSIP)
[email protected]


Paul Horwood
(Assoc. Prof. CPHMVS)​
[email protected]

Nerida Horner
(Group Leader & Northern Australia Science Consultant L&W)​
(Environment, TownsvilleATSIP) [email protected]


Alana Grech
(Assistant Director CoE for Coral reef Studies)​
[email protected]

Megan Saunders
(Senior Research Scientist O&A)​
(Environment, St. Lucia) [email protected]