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Rotary International House

Rotary International offers you autonomy and privacy, within an international community.

Rotary International House is proud of its international mixture of residents. In addition to providing accommodation to a wide diversity of students from different social, economic, regional and national backgrounds, the smaller size of our Hall encourages a greater degree of autonomy and privacy.

The original residence consists of two linked buildings, all fully screened, with a mix of non air-conditioned and air-conditioned rooms. Each floor consists of 7 student rooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets, kitchen, lounge, dining room and a patio overlooking the gardens.

Each study-bedroom is furnished with:

  • Single bed
  • Bookshelf
  • Ceiling fan
  • Desk and filing cabinet
  • Desk chair
  • Internet port
  • Mirror
  • Wardrobe
  • Wash basin

All residents are expected to keep the shared areas clean and tidy. Residents meet at the beginning of each semester to allocate cupboard, fridge and freezer space. Residents must supply their own kitchen utensils, crockery and cookware.

Residents share a common room with a TV, VCR, and DVD player, board games, pool table and piano. The breezeway at the front of the complex includes a barbecue and entertainment area, adjacent to the well-equipped computer lab and laundry. There are two barbecues provided; one strictly vegetarian and one for general use.

Rotary International House has one major function each semester, International Food Night, which offers its guests a night of international taste sensations, from Japanese sushi and Canadian apple fritters, to the traditional Aussie meat pie. Residents are encouraged to prepare a traditional dish from their country. The Townsville Rotary Clubs are invited as special guests and a variety of entertainment is added to make this a very enjoyable event. In second semester our famous Hungi provides an exotic meal cooked in the traditional Islander way; a pit in the ground is lined with heated rocks and the food wrapped in banana leaves is buried until it is ready to eat. Traditional Island dancing complements the feasting. Both events are set amongst the beautiful gardens of Rotary International House, lit up with lanterns and coloured lights.

One resident’s view of life in Rotary International House:

"Before I came to Australia I was nervous about finding a good place to stay, sight unseen. I knew I'd made the right decision when I arrived at Rotary. Rotary's location, surrounded by nature yet on campus was perfect to get myself oriented. With tropical fruit trees, palm trees, blooming orchids, flocks of tropical birds and wallabies on the lawn, Rotary often feels like paradise. In addition, the size and setup of the college make it a very welcoming place, where I got to know not only many other international students, but also many Australians as well. The computer room and common room ensured that though I was unable to bring much from home, I was able to study and relax from day one here, without spending any money. All in all, the natural setting, close location, variety of friendly residents and staff and the myriad facilities available made Rotary the perfect place for me to get oriented and comfortable after my arrival in Australia."