House Policy

At the JCU Halls of Residence we strive to provide a professional service in a safe and friendly environment.

Our venues are fully licensed and our staff are trained in responsible service of alcohol. We are here to help you have a good time, however we are also here to help you make the right decisions regarding alcohol.

Management upholds all Queensland liquor laws and will support our staff in implementing them, especially the following house rules:

BYO (Bring Your Own)

Due to liquor licensing restrictions, we are not able to offer a BYO service.

Designated Area

Alcohol must not be removed from the licensed premises.

For safety purposes, alcohol is not to be consumed in stairwells, walkways, exits or outdoor areas.


No person under the age of 18 will be served alcohol.

Identification may be requested.


Intoxicated patrons will not be served and management will support staff who ask unruly patrons to vacate the premises.


The students living at the JCU Halls of Residence would appreciate the respect given to them concerning noise levels. The Halls is their home and their study is of great importance.


Smoking is not permitted. JCU Townsville is a smoke free campus.


Functions personnel have been trained to assist in helping patrons drink responsibly.


In our effort to ensure an enjoyable and safe atmosphere, we encourage patrons not to drink and drive.

If you require a taxi, there is a phone available in the administration office.