JCU Halls of Residence Forms

These forms are provided for the use of current residents, and prospective residents who have received an offer of accommodation.

Unless otherwise specified, forms should be submitted to your Hall office.

We will only accept handwritten signatures or electronic (digital) signatures that contain an image of the handwritten signature of the person signing.

Admittance forms

Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity (PDF, 286 KB)
Required on acceptance of an offer of accommodation.

Residential Agreement (PDF, 226 KB)
Residential Agreement pertaining to Residence Contracts undertaken upon acceptance of an offer of accommodation via the JCU Halls of Residence Portal.

Other forms

Overnight Guest Application (PDF, 191 KB)
Residents may apply to host an overnight guest from time to time.

Room Change Application (PDF, 118 KB)
Residents may apply for a room change to another room within their Hall, or to another Hall within the JCU Halls of Residence.

Notice of Termination of Residence Contract (PDF, 117 KB)
Residents may apply to terminate their residential contract and attend an exit interview.

Casual stays

Casual Booking Request (DOCX, 55 KB)
During holiday periods the Halls of Residence can provide short-term (casual) accommodation to new and external students, as well as staff and campus visitors.