JCU Halls of Residence Living in the Halls

Living in the Halls

Life on campus is definitely an experience to savour.  While offering a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for studying, residential life also provides many opportunities for residents to immerse themselves in a diverse range of extracurricular activities. Whether your interests are in the social or sporting arena, residential life caters for all. 


The Halls are a great place to meet new people.  Students from all walks of life and many different cultures throughout the world find campus living to be a friendly and enjoyable experience.  The sense of belonging from being a part of a community of students who share similar goals provides an atmosphere that is conducive to personal growth and character building.  What’s more, the college experience offers residents a small taste of independent living, while still maintaining a sense of home, with on-campus support readily available to help students through their studies.


For those who are willing to extend their boundaries and meet new people, college can be a satisfying and rewarding experience.  Not only will the values and personal skills attained on-campus assist students in their day to day living, but the college experience will provide residents with valuable life skills to be used in their future endeavours.