“We offer residents a wide choice of buffet-style hot and cold menu items including vegetarian options, plentiful salads, and desserts during dinner services at a cost that is acceptable for most students on a budget.”

Meal Services

Full-board (meal plan) residents enjoy buffet-style meals in a comfortable air conditioned dining hall. 21 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner each day of the week) are provided by our catering team throughout the academic year. All meal services are self-service. From time to time there may be portion control imposed on popular menu items to ensure everyone gets their share. Second helpings are available towards the end of a meal service. All meals must be consumed in the dining hall with the exception of cut lunches, early or late meals, and special events.

Self-catering residents of Rotary International House may from time to time choose to dine at any Halls of Residence dining room at a cost per meal.

Meal Times

Throughout the academic year, meal times are as follows:

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)


Continental Breakfast

6.30am – 9.00am


11.30am – 1.15pm


5.30pm – 7.00pm

Weekends (Sat-Sun)


Continental Breakfast

From 6.30am


8.30am –  1.00pm


5.30pm – 7.00pm

Variations to meal times and dining hall operations may occur from time to time (particularly during lecture recess and vacation periods); residents will be advised of such variations as the time approaches.

Meal Authentication

All JCU Halls of Residence Dining Rooms now have a meal point of sale (POS) system which requires all residents and guests to authenticate for meals using a FOB (Room Key). This system helps ensure only eligible Halls residents and guests have access to our dining facilities. All residents must swipe their FOB at the Meal POS System for access to the dining hall servery during meal times.

Alternative Meal Arrangements

Alternative meal arrangements are available for students who have classes that conflict with the above meal times.

Residents can make their own cut lunches at breakfast time with assorted breads, sandwich fillings and salads, fresh fruit and juice poppers available. You will be required to swipe for a cut lunch and will not be entitled to have lunch at any of the Dining Halls again that day.

Early dinners may be collected directly from the kitchen no earlier than 5.00pm. Late dinners should be booked via the kitchen during either breakfast or lunch time on the day they are required, and must be collected by midnight (of that same day) via the Duty Residential Assistant.


We do our best to provide, at every meal service, a range of healthy choices, including vegetarian options with good nutritional values. A full range of condiments; spreads, sauces and dressings are available at each meal. A variety of milks are available from skim to full cream milk as well as non-dairy soy milks. We incorporate a varied range of cooking methods in food preparation. Deep fried foods are kept to minimum and we use quality vegetable based frying oils which are cholesterol free.

If you have a specific dietary requirement, please indicate so when accepting your offer of accommodation. All reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your requirements. A dietician reviews all menus and will be available during the year for general healthy eating and for those with special dietary needs.

If you have very specific needs, you may find the Self-Catering facilities offered at Rotary International House more suitable.

If you have any suggestions for improvement please tell us.

Dining Hall Etiquette

All meals are self-serve with generous portions available, and second helpings are available towards the end of the meal service. Every meal is to be eaten within the dining hall with the exception of authorised cut lunches and late meals, and no alcohol is permitted in the dining hall except for some formal functions.

Dress is informal, but must include at a minimum, shirts, shorts and footwear.  We expect our residents to help keep the dining hall clean for other diners by returning used crockery and cutlery to the servery counter after meals and cleaning up your own food or drink spills.

  • Take your plate, cutlery and cups back to the dishwashing area.

  • Only use one plate per meal.

  • Don’t overfill your plate; go back for ‘seconds’ if you wish.

  • When entering the Dining Hall, bags are to be placed in the designated area.

  • No food, drink or eating utensils are to be removed from the dining hall.

  • Exercise basic hygiene practices at all times, by using the hand sanitizer and serving utensils provided. Do not use fingers or eat while standing at the servery.

  • If someone is ill and unable to attend for a meal, ask an RA to collect a meal for the sick resident and please notify a staff member so that the person’s state of health can be monitored and arrangements made for proper care.


Your Hall is your home while you are with us, and occasionally you may wish to invite a guest to the dining hall.  Before collecting your meals, you will need to swipe your fob for your meal allocation, then swipe a second time for your guests meal allocation.  This will automatically put a charge onto your accommodation account.