In-room Facilities

Your room

At George Roberts Hall you’ll find three or four air-conditioned bedrooms in each unit sharing a communal air-conditioned lounge with a bar fridge, microwave and kettle.

At University Hall you can expect a well-appointed, comfortable study bedroom, with either floor to ceiling windows if you are on the ground floor or with a private balcony on the upper floors. Each floor has a communal kitchenette equipped with a microwave and kettle or urn.

The majority of study bedrooms at Rotary International House are air-conditioned. A kitchen, dining and lounge room are shared on each floor. A portion of fridge, freezer and cupboard space in the communal kitchen is allocated to each resident.

Western Courts is a complex of demountable buildings, each comprising eight individual air-conditioned rooms with ensuite. Dining, laundry, computer and study facilities are provided at Western Hall, adjacent to the Western Courts complex.

In total, JCU Halls of Residence offer over 770 study bedrooms. In special circumstances residents may apply to transfer to another Hall or room. Room change applications are subject to approval by Halls management, and charges apply.

Inventory Items*

Each study bedroom contains:

  • King single bed and mattress

  • Mattress cover

  • Wardrobe with shelf and hanging space

  • Study desk

  • Desk chair

  • Desk light

  • Bookshelf (take care not to overload – text books can be very heavy)

  • Two power outlets (double adapters are not permitted, use good quality powerboards)

  • Fan (excluding Western Courts)

  • Bar Fridge (Western Courts only)

While we encourage you to personalise your room, residents are not permitted to move, remove or dismantle any furniture; in individual rooms or in common areas. There is no storage facility for these items; they must be kept in the room. Care must be taken not to damage the walls or paint when fixing pictures or posters.

Residents are required to complete a Room Inventory Form via the JCU Halls Portal within 72 hours of arrival. At the end of the contract term, if any inventory item needs to be repaired or replaced because of avoidable damage or loss, the cost will be charged to the resident.

* Inventory items listed are indicative only and are subject to change without notice. Residents should refer to the inventory form provided via the JCU Halls Portal for inventory specific to their allocated room.