An internet port and WiFi is provided in every student room. To take advantage of this facility, you will need to bring your own computer. If required, cables can be purchased at your Hall office.

The James Cook University (JCU) network switches have a number of features which minimise the risk of some viruses and network attacks. Unsanctioned connections and some lesser quality equipment can tend to emulate an issue and as a protection to other devices on the network, that connection will be terminated.

To avoid network interruptions:

  • Connect only one device (for example computer) to the network at any one time using the wall socket and a cable.
  • Use no more than 5 different devices on the one network port (for example: Laptop, PC, Xbox, PlayStation). The connection can be safely swapped from one device to another.
  • Do not use a network/wireless router.
  • Ensure your computer has current anti-virus software.


A wireless network service (Eduroam) is available in the Dining Rooms at George Roberts Hall and University Hall, and in the common rooms at Rotary International House.

Note: all bedrooms, common areas and dining rooms have access to WiFi.

Internet Security

Before you connect to the internet, you should have current anti-virus software installed on your computer. If your computer does not have virus protection, you can install a free copy of Sophos Anti-Virus under the JCU site licence.

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Note: use of University computing and communications facilities for:

  • game playing
  • retrieval and storage of copyright material without the permission of the owner of the copyright
  • personal gain is prohibited

Penalties may be imposed for use of the facilities other than in accordance with JCU's Policy.