Laundries at George Roberts Hall, Rotary International House and the University Hall main building are equipped with washing machines and dryers that require a prepaid laundry account and FOB (proximity key) to operate. The FOB will be provided as or with your room key upon arrival. Laundry credit can be purchased online via the Halls Portal or from your Hall office as needed.

Laundry facilities at Western Hall (for Western Courts residents) and the University Hall Townhouses are coin operated.

A tub for hand washing and outside clothes lines are also provided. We recommend that you do not leave your washing on the lines overnight; the Halls will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of clothes left on clothes lines. You will need to supply your own washing powder, washing basket, and pegs.

All equipment is expected to be used correctly. This includes not overfilling the washing machines or dryers.  Dryers are not to have excessively wet clothes placed in them as they will not work effectively. The machines are well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, and as such, the Halls accept no responsibility for loss or damage of clothing. Should you find any fault with any of the laundry facilities provided, you should notify an RA or Staff Member as soon as possible.

Laundries are accessible 24/7 and may only be used by current residents of the respective hall.


George Roberts Hall

Laundries are located on the ground floor of E Block and H Blocks. Outside clothes lines are located behind E and H Blocks. Each unit is supplied with an ironing board.

Rotary International House

The laundry is located at the front of the complex, opposite the common rooms. Outside clothes lines are located behind the laundry.

University Hall

Laundries are available on the ground floor of both A & B Wings of the Main Building and a washing machine is provided on each floor in the Townhouses (except Townhouse 4 which uses the laundry in Townhouse 5). Outside clothes lines are located behind the Main Building and Townhouses.

Western Courts

Laundries are available on the ground floors of B Block and D Block at Western Hall. Outside clothes lines are located between each block at Western Courts.