Public Transport

The JCU Douglas campus is situated within 5 minutes drive to the Stockland, Centro and Annandale Shopping Centres and about 20 minutes drive to the City Centre.

Sunbus is the local public transport service, which runs a regular circuit between the campus and city centre. Tertiary Transport Concession Cards are available to full time JCU Students.

Bicycles and Pathways

There is an extensive system of bikeways that provide easy and convenient access to most areas both on-campus and around Townsville. A supermarket and various other shops are located within walking distance at the JCU Clinical Practice Building, the Townsville Hospital and in neighbouring suburb Riverside Gardens.

Bikes may be stored in the various bike racks located at each Hall, and should be secured by chain and lock. Bikes may not be kept in rooms, units, verandas or stairwells, or chained to veranda supports. Please note that residents store their bikes at their own risk and no responsibility will be accepted for stolen or damaged bikes.