Advance Payments

We offer a weekly discount where fees are paid in advance either for the entire residence contract period (semester or academic year) or biannually for the academic year in accordance with the schedule below.

Advance Payment Schedule

Important - please note:

  • Residents electing to pay their accommodation fees up front must observe the due dates and amounts payable herein to ensure they receive the advance payment discount.

  • The due date is the latest date that payment must be received by the Halls in order for the resident to be eligible for the discount.

  • The amounts listed herein are payable in addition to the initial fees payable on acceptance of an offer of accommodation.

  • The pre-payment included in the initial fees has already been subtracted from the amounts payable (as listed below); do not subtract the pre-payment from the amounts provided herein.

  • The advance payment discount has already been applied to the amounts payable (as listed below); do not subtract the advance payment discount from the amounts provided herein.

  • If you arrive early or incur other additional fees you must add those fees to the amount payable.

  • If you are eligible for a family discount you should deduct that from the amount payable.

  • Residents appointed as a Residential Assistant (RA) are not eligible for the advance payment discount whilst receiving the RA rebate.