Initial Fees

Intending residents are required to pay the following fees to acceptance their offer of accommodation:

Entrance Fee - $350

The Entrance fee is payable by all residents for each contract period. It is intended to cover costs of processing admissions and is not refundable under any circumstances.

$350 per Residential Agreement

Resident Student Association - $30

This fee is collected by the University on behalf of each Halls’ Resident Student Association to enable them to provide various facilities for residents, to subsidise social events, and to purchase sporting and recreational equipment.

$30 per year 

Facilities Fund - $30

Every resident contributes to a Facilities Fund which is used to improve on communal facilities within the Hall. These funds are to be used each year at the request of the resident body via the Residential Life Team, and should be invested in projects which will benefit the majority of the residents.

$30 per year          

Damages Fund - $30

Every resident also contributes to a Damages Fund to cover essential security services and avoidable and deliberate damage to community property where the offender cannot be found. At the end of each year, any surplus monies are paid to the Facilities Fund of the respective Hall.

$30 per year          

Pre-Payment of Residential Fees

As accommodation fees must always be paid in advance, a pre-payment of accommodation fees is included in the initial fees, this covers the first charge period of your contracted term.

Contract Term: Pre-Payment Required
Academic Year 2 weeks in advance 
First Semester 2 weeks in advance 
Second Semester 2 weeks in advance 
See Weekly Rates for accommodation fees relevant to your Residence Contract (Term and Allocation) as specified in your Offer of Accommodation.

Note: All fees and charges listed herein are effective from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020 and pertain only to Residents with a 2020 Residential Agreement.  Descriptive information is provided as a guide only and is subject to change without notice.