Conditions of Payment

    Payment Terms

    1. Fees are payable in advance, either upfront for the entire residence contract period (semester or academic year) or on a regular fortnightly basis.
    2. Residents electing to pay fortnightly must set up a  direct debit authorisation from a bank account, and must ensure funds are available in their account when payments are due.
    3. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure their account is paid on time. Account statements, detailing recent account activity and balance, can be issued upon request..
    4. It is mandatory that fees are paid as they fall due. If the Fee Schedule does not refer to a due date for payment for any fees and charges, then those fees and charges are payable as incurred. Residents who do not pay their fees regularly and on time are in breach of their contractual obligations and may have their residence contract terminated and/or their account sent to a debt collection agency.
    5. Any resident who allows their fees to fall into arrears will be recorded as a debtor to the University and as such will not be able to obtain their results nor re-enrol.
    6. All accounts must be settled by the end of the residence contract period if a person wishes to be considered for readmission the following semester or year.
    7. It is understood that students may encounter financial difficulty at times. If so, it is essential that you discuss your situation with the Finance Officer BEFORE your account falls in arrears so a re-payment plan can be arranged.

      Note: Information pertains only to Residents with a 209 Residence Contract.20