Information for Parents

Living on campus

Life on campus is definitely an experience to savour.  While offering a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for studying, residential life also provides many opportunities for residents to immerse themselves in a diverse range of extracurricular activities. Whether residents' interests are in the social or sporting arena, residential life caters for all.

The Halls are a great place to meet new people. Students from all walks of life and many different cultures throughout the world find campus living to be a friendly and enjoyable experience. The sense of belonging from being a part of a community of students who share similar goals provides an atmosphere that is conducive to personal growth and character building. What’s more, the college experience offers residents a small taste of independent living, while still maintaining a sense of home, with on-campus support readily available to help students through their studies.

For those who are willing to extend their boundaries and meet new people, college can be a satisfying and rewarding experience. Not only will the values and personal skills attained on-campus assist students in their day to day living, but the college experience will provide residents with valuable life skills to be used in their future endeavours.


We take security and safety seriously at the Halls, and we expect that residents will adopt the same attitude towards their personal safety and the security of all property within the Halls. While we have established security measures in place the Halls cannot accept any responsibility for the theft, loss or damage of residents' personal effects.

Although our grounds are reasonably lit, the grounds are extensive and not fenced. JCU security patrols the grounds at various times, we have CCTV cameras throughout our grounds and building and we have staff onsite for your safety.

Residents are advised to:

  • Keep their room locked
  • Secure all windows and doors when leaving the room
  • Travel in pairs if possible and call JCU security (6000) to request an escort if required.
  • Immediately report any suspicious activities/visitors, vehicles or strangers to an RA, JCU security (5555) or if necessary, to the police.

House keeping

Communal Living

Living together comfortably demands a high degree of cooperation and consideration for others. We expect our residents to clean their own rooms and to keep their shared living areas clean and tidy.

Residents are advised not to leave personal items, including clothes airers and hangers in common areas; dryers and external clothes lines are provided.

Cleaning Schedule

Rooms and communal areas are cleaned every two weeks. Common Rooms (i.e. Junior Common Room, Gymnasium, Computer Lab, Laundries, etc.) are cleaned weekly. Bathrooms are cleaned daily, from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) at University Hall and Rotary International House, and twice weekly at George Roberts Hall.

If communal bathroom supplies (ie. toilet paper or soap) are exhausted over weekends or on a public holidays, residents may contact the Residential Assistant for extras.

A schedule of planned cleaning days for the year is displayed prominently in common areas. The cleaning schedule may occasionally vary in unforeseen circumstances but we will notify residents of such changes where possible.

Residents are asked to ensure their personal belongings are not scattered across their room on scheduled cleaning days. Housekeeping may leave notes for residents as reminders to clear space, remove rubbish, etc, or just to thank them for being clean and considerate. If warnings are not heeded action will be taken.

We recommend residents always lock their room and carry keys with them at all times, even for short absences. Please note that after each servicing of their room, Housekeeping will lock the room on departure as a mandatory safety measure.

While our housekeeping staff respect privacy and understand that occasionally residents may not wish to have their room cleaned, it is expected that housekeeping staff may have regular access to rooms. If access is denied on a regular basis, the Housekeeping Supervisor or Senior Residential Assistant will discuss this with the resident.

Rubbish Removal

There is a tidy bin in each room which is intended for day to day paper waste, etc., and Housekeeping will only empty this bin on the scheduled cleaning day. Removal of any excess rubbish is the responsibility of the resident. Residents are requested to not leave food scraps and smelly items in their room bin, or unsealed bags as these may attract vermin.

A rubbish bin is located in units or on residents' floors for day to day items. If residents have a social gathering and large amounts of rubbish, bottles, cartons, etc. are generated, it is their responsibility to place this in the industrial bins located on the grounds at each hall.

In self-catered areas, residents are required to implement a rubbish roster, where each day one floor resident is responsible for emptying all rubbish from the common areas of their floor into the industrial/recycling bins provided. Further, any food which, in the opinion of RAs or Housekeeping staff, is not in a hygienic condition may be disposed of without notice.


We understand that occasionally accidents will occur, so accident (eg. spillages or broken glass) can be reported to Housekeeping or an RA immediately. RAs have access to a vacuum cleaner and mop at all times.

Residents may also borrow a vacuum cleaner from their RA to clean their room, but must return the vacuum within one hour so that other residents are not inconvenienced. Residents are responsible for any loss or damage to the vacuum cleaner.

When residents leave

Following departure, Housekeeping or maintenance personnel will conduct an inspection of the room, checking that all inventory items are left in a reasonable condition. Residents will be charged for any items that are missing or damaged beyond fair wear and tear. When vacating their room residents are also expected to remove all rubbish and food items or we will pass on the costs of rubbish removal to them.

While we carry out random cleaning inspections throughout the year, if a room requires extra cleaning or repainting as a result of the resident's living habits, they will be notified and a cleaning fee will be charged to their account.

Repair or replacement costs incurred for any damage to the room, furnishings and inventory items (excluding fair wear and tear) will be charged to the resident.

Cleaning and maintenance charges

Note, this list is intended as a guide only. Not all charges are listed and prices are subject to change without notice.

Labour per hour (minimum 1 hour)$49.50
Fridge removal$100.00
Mattress removal$20.00
Bottle top removal from ceiling$30.00
Painting – room$750.00
Painting – wall$250.00
Painting – door$120.00

Free Services

Included in residents' fees are the following:

  • Meals (catered Halls)
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • The convenience of living on campus