Residents are not permitted to bring to, or consume alcoholic drinks in, any common areas of the Halls, including corridors, breezeways, sun lounges and dining rooms, or in any outdoor areas, including BBQ areas. Exceptions may be made for authorised functions/social activities. Residents should also familiarise themselves with the Policy for Alcohol Consumption on University Property.

Alcohol Free Period

To ensure all new members of the Halls community may settle into their new living environment, all residents must observe an alcohol free period at the beginning of each semester. This means no alcohol is permitted on the premises at any Hall of Residence during this time and we ask that you and any guests you may have cooperate in accepting this restraint. The alcohol free period commences on the Sunday of the week prior to Orientation Week (of each semester) until 7:00pm on the Tuesday of Orientation Week. Actual dates are advertised each semester.

Alcohol Ban

Residents found guilty of drunk and disorderly behaviour may have an alcohol ban imposed. Residents subject to an alcohol ban must agree not consume or be in possession of any alcohol whilst in residence. If the resident chooses to drink elsewhere, they must not return to the Halls until completely sober (zero blood alcohol content). The resident must submit to a random breath test if so requested by any Residential Assistant or staff member.

If the conditions imposed under the alcohol ban are refused or breached, the resident will be required to show cause as to why their residency contract should not be terminated.