Complaints Process


Complaint: A complaint is a resident’s expression of dissatisfaction that their rights, existing interests and/or reasonable expectations have been adversely and unjustifiably impacted because of an action, decision or omission within the control or responsibility of the JCU Halls of Residence. Any circumstance related to Halls operations, services, and decisions, or the conduct of its staff, its students, or people associated with the Halls or using Halls facilities may be the subject of a complaint.

Complainant: A current or former resident who makes a complaint.

Informal complaint: An informal complaint is where a complainant seeks to resolve the matter before a formal complaint has been submitted under this Policy.

Formal complaint: a formal complaint means a concern which has not been resolved informally (see step 1 below) and which is then set out in writing and forwarded to Halls management.


Residents should take the following steps to resolve a complaint:

1. Speak with the person(s) directly involved (informal complaint): direct contact is usually the quickest and best way to resolve an issue. If there is something you are not happy with, we encourage you to try and resolve matters with the relevant staff member or student through informal discussion. This informal method of resolution allows the parties to explore options and make their own decisions about how to resolve a complaint rather than having a third party make and enforce a decision. For example:

  • if your complaint is related to administrative services you should speak with your Halls Client Service Officer or if required the matter may be escalated to the Business Accountant;
  • if your complaint is related to catering services you should speak directly with the Catering staff, or if required the matter may be escalated to the Conference and Catering Team Leader or Supervisor;
  • if your complaint is related to housekeeping services you should speak directly with your Cleaner, or if required the matter may be escalated to the Cleaning Service Assistant;
  • if your complaint is related to residential life services you should contact your Residential Assistant, or if required the matter may be escalated to the Senior RA or Coordinator of Residential Life.

Your Halls Administration Office can assist you in determining who would be the appropriate person for you to speak with, and provide contact details.

2. Lodge a formal complaint: if the problem cannot be resolved informally, then you can make a formal complaint. Prior to making a formal complaint, you should familiarise yourself with Clause 23 of the Residential Agreement – Dispute Resolution. The reasons that you would consider making a formal complaint are:

  1. you have not been able to resolve your complaint informally and believe a formal resolution process for your complaint should offer something satisfactory to you, or;
  2. you feel you can’t proceed informally with your complaint. A typical reason for this would be that the complaint is about an ongoing personal conflict or other problem with a staff member (not just that you have got into a conflict because of what you want to complain about).

The formal complaint statement must include, where relevant, the following details:

  • the name of the person(s) or Halls department about whom the complaint is made;
  • a description of the events that have occurred, including efforts made to informally resolve the complaint;
  • the basis for the complaint;
  • the name and contact details of any witness or supporting party;
  • the outcome the complainant seeks;
  • the name of a JCU Student Association Student Advocate or support person who will accompany the student to meetings or hearings which are arranged.

Formal complaints should be addressed to:The Manager
JCU Halls of Residence
Townsville QLD 4811

Send email

If you make a formal complaint, Halls management is obliged to respond in accordance with the Dispute Resolution process as detailed in Clause 23 of the Residential Agreement.

If you experience difficulties in resolving your complaint, you may wish to seek assistance from a JCU Student Association Student Advocate.

See also: JCU Student Feedback and Complaints.