Provided authorisation is sought prior to their arrival and for each occasion, overnight guests are welcome at the Halls. The intention is to allow residents to host friends or family occasionally. It is not intended for frequent use which may impose a burden on other residents and infrastructure. The resident must always accept responsibility for the actions of their guest.

Guests must always be signed-in to the Dining Room during meal times and the cost of their meal will be charged to the residents account.

After 9.00pm all casual visitors must be signed in by the duty RA and are expected to leave the Halls by 11.00pm. Any visitors to the Halls between 11.00pm and 7.00am are deemed to be overnight guests.

Overnight guests may stay for a maximum of 5 nights and approval must be sought in advance via the Overnight Guest Form available from each office. Residents may host only one overnight guest at a time. No charge applies for 1-2 nights stay, and a cost of $10.00 per night for 3-5 nights will be charged to the residents account (meals extra). Subject to availability, a mattress/trundle bed can be arranged via the office for approved guests, at a cost of $5.00 per night.

Please note that overnight guests are not permitted during orientation week, study vac and exam periods or outside the academic year. Further restrictions on overnight guests may be enforced from time to time, such as special events. Parents and guardians are an exception.