JCU Inter-Collegiate Code

This code applies to all residents of the JCU Affiliated Colleges and Halls of Residence.

Harassment and Discrimination

  1. The JCU Halls of Residence and Affiliated Colleges assert and affirm their responsibility for the maintenance of residential communities of students of the University which are free of discrimination and harassment.

  2. The Colleges and Halls of Residence are bound under the JCU’s Discrimination and Harassment: Policy & Procedure and by State and Commonwealth Law in these matters.

  3. All Affiliated Colleges and Halls of Residence will ensure that instruction on the University Discrimination and Harassment Policy is made a mandatory part of Orientation Week programs for all new residents.

  4. Any complaints arising from alleged acts of discrimination or harassment will be dealt with under JCU’s Discrimination and Harassment: Policy & Procedure.

  5. Senior RAs of Colleges and Halls will take action to prohibit any form of institutionalised harassment of new or continuing student residents through songs, chants, “initiation” ceremonies or required uniforms or items of clothing of a degrading nature.

  6. All Colleges and Halls will ensure that this code is reproduced each year in the College/Hall Resident Code of Conduct or other relevant publication and distributed to all residents prior to or on arrival.

Student access to other Colleges and Halls

  1. Members of Colleges and Halls may not enter onto the grounds or into the buildings of Colleges or Halls other than that in which they are enrolled, unless:
    1.1  They are there at the invitation of a bona fide resident of that College or Hall and in the company of their host or hostess, or
    1.2  They are a member of a specified group from other Colleges and Halls who have been invited as a group, or
    1.3  They are attending a function or activity at that College or Hall to which there is a general invitation.

  2. If members of a College or Hall wish to visit another College or Hall, they are required to contact their potential host to arrange an invitation and arrange to be met on arrival.

  3. During the time that they are present at the other College or Hall, visitors must abide by the rules of that College or Hall, all applicable JCU policies and any instructions that they are given by any member of the staff of the institution including any member of Residential Staff such as Residential Assistants.

  4. Hosts will always be held to be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their visitors including being responsible for the financial costs and penalties arising from any breach of rules or any damage, whether accidental or wilful.

  5. Residents of College or Halls must not attempt to enter another College or Hall when under the influence of alcohol.

  6. Acts of vandalism or theft (whether the intention is to permanently deprive or “souvenir” with the intention to return) committed by a visitor to a College or Hall will render the visitor liable to exclusion from the College or Hall at which they are enrolled.

  7. The Senior RAs of College and Halls will impose penalties up to exclusion from residence on any member of their College or Hall who is found to be guilty of offences under this code in another College or Hall.