Lock Outs

Residents are required to close and secure your room door whenever you exit your room. Residents should keep their room key with them at all times, even if only going to the bathroom. As a mandatory safety measure, housekeeping and maintenance staff will lock / secure any room door that is left open and unattended, they will also lock / secure any unattended student room after their services are carried out.

During office hours administration office can provide a spare key, which must be returned immediately. Outside office hours, residents should contact the Duty RA for assistance.

A lock out fee of $10 will be imposed where a resident has locked themselves out, this will apply 24 hours a day.

On your room lock, you will notice when you swipe your room key a green light will appear.  This will give you access to your room.  If you have a red / green flashing light, you will need to notify your Residential Assistant or your Hall office as the batteries are running out.  Once your lock starts flashing red / green, you will have approx. 48 hours before you will be completely locked out of your room. If you have a solid red light, please see your hall office.