As members of the University community, the Halls’ residents are committed to serious study and can expect to be able to study at all times and not be disturbed by unnecessary noise and inconsiderate behaviour from other residents. Some people find it easier than others to block out distractions of various types inherent in a group living situation. Where a number of people live together in close proximity noise can often be a problem. Residents of the Halls are asked to remember that people in surrounding rooms may be distracted from their work by thoughtless noise.

As a general principle, excessive noise is unacceptable at any time. Given that sensitivity to noise varies from person to person, any ruling by a Residential Assistant (RA) or other member of Halls staff, in relation to noise, must be complied with by the resident(s) concerned. From Sunday morning to Thursday afternoon is particularly considered to be a quiet period.

During study vac, exams and summer vacation a no tolerance noise restriction is enforced.

Quiet Areas

We offer designated Quiet Areas at George Roberts Hall and University Hall. Rotary International House is considered a quiet area in general.

Residents who choose to live in this area expect an environment conducive to sleep and study 24/7. The Quiet Area is by no means an anti-social environment; it is simply one in which residents are more considerate and respectful of the desires of their neighbours.

  • The definition of "quiet" implies that any noise that can be heard outside of your bedroom is not permitted.
  • Low level noise is acceptable in the common areas and kitchens (for example; conversations, TV, floor meetings, study groups, cooking noises, doors closing, showers running, toilets flushing, and people entering and exiting rooms at all hours etc).
  • All residents and their guests must respect the rights of residents living in the Quiet Area and comply with the rules governing the Quiet Area.
  • It should be noted that creating excessive noise is unacceptable conduct for any Resident and will be dealt with under the Resident Code of Conduct: Disciplinary Procedures.