Self Catering

Self Catering

Residents allocated to a self-catered room at Rotary International House must observe the following:

  • Whilst cooking residents must not leave the kitchen unattended and be mindful of the location of smoke and heat detectors in or near the kitchen.

  • In the event of an alarm, residents will be charged for the full cost of the Fire Brigade call out fee and any other associated costs, if they have been found responsible for causing the alarm, whether accidental or otherwise. If the offending resident cannot be identified the penalty will be joint and several amongst all residents of the floor.

  • Cleaning and upkeep of kitchens will be the joint responsibility of each resident on each floor.

  • Kitchen waste and rubbish removal from communal areas:

    • will be the joint responsibility of each resident on each floor;

    • must be undertaken each day in accordance with a roster;

    • must leave the building in an acceptable condition;

    • must be placed in the industrial and/or recycling bins provided.

  • Self Catering residents may choose to purchase a meal in the dining room at any of the Halls of Residence from time to time. Residents must authenticate/sign-in for their meal (and any guest meals) on each occasion and the cost of the meal(s) will be charged to their account.