Residential Life Team


RA = Residential Assistant

George Roberts HallDuty RA 0439 875 748
Senior RA 0439 878 572
University HallDuty RA 0407 586 658
Senior RA 0439 889 568
Rotary International HouseDuty RA 0418 874 831
Senior RA 0408 888 231
Coordinator of Residential LifeOffice (07) 4781 57040418 769 672

Roles and responsibilities

Senior Residential Assistants

Your Senior RA resides on campus and are readily available for parents and residents alike in times of need.

A Senior Residential Assistant (Senior RA) is appointed at each Hall to provide guidance and leadership to students, directly and indirectly through the supervision of the Residential Assistants, the Resident Student Association, other elected student representatives and the resident community.

Their role is to provide care, support and enrichment for residents in academic, personal, social and recreational matters with the support of the Residential Assistants and Resident Student Association, and under the direction of the Coordinator of Residential Life.

As well as being responsible for their Halls’ compliance with the Resident Code of Conduct, the Senior RA has a wide use of any disciplinary powers.

Residential Assistants

Your RA lives on your floor, block, or in your townhouse or unit, making them readily available to assist you in any day-to-day residential issues.

Residential Assistants (RAs) are appointed due to their ability to provide outstanding residential support. They have experienced residential living at the Halls and demonstrated leadership skills through their involvement in a range of college activities. Your RA will support, assist and provide you with practical advice for residential living to ensure that your stay at the Hall is enjoyable. They endeavour to create a supportive atmosphere, generating a sense of community within the halls.

There is a designated RA on rostered duty every day, and they can be contacted via the Duty RA mobile number (above). Each Halls Duty RA can be found in their Duty RA Room from 9pm until midnight each day. Every RA is trained to handle emergency situations that may include injuries, accidents or illnesses.

RAs are appointed annually and are each responsible for approximately twenty residents. RAs also have considerable disciplinary powers where necessary, and meet regularly as a team with the Senior RA and Coordinator of Residential Life.

Coordinator of Residential Life

The Coordinator of Residential Life resides on-campus, and is available during business hours, or after hours when required.

The Coordinator of Residential Life is a senior member of the Halls management team, and is responsible for the welfare of all our residents. Under the direction of the Manager, the Coordinator of Residential Life oversees all aspects of the Residential Life Team at each Hall of Residence.

They are responsible for monitoring and supporting academic performance, developing and sustaining an environment which is conducive to study and enhances social cohesion with regard for the individual and group needs of students from a diverse range of cultural and social backgrounds.

Resident Student Association

Each hall has a Resident Student Association (RSA) who organise social and sporting functions. The aim of the RSA is to provide a comfortable and social atmosphere for residents to relax after study, to meet fellow residents and to foster collegiality. Each resident pays a contribution to the RSA as part of their initial admittance fees, to support social and sporting events at their hall.

Facilities supported by the RSA include common rooms (ie. games room, TV room, study areas), sporting equipment, and venues for social functions. The RSA also provide a channel for constructive, continuous communication and liaison between the student body and the Senior RA and meets regularly to discuss matters affecting student life.

Your RSA is run by an executive committee who are appointed annually, and  work hard to ensure that your hall is an enjoyable place to live. Every resident is a member of their RSA and is eligible to apply for an executive position. We hope that as a resident you will enjoy participating in the various activities throughout the year, which are arranged by your RSA and are great for promoting college spirit. Activities include home balls, dinners, trivia nights, concerts, sporting events, competitions and social evenings.

We are happy to hear your suggestions about the sort of activities you would like to see happening – and even happier to have your help in organising them!