JCU Physioshark Research Program

Researching baby sharks in a changing world.

JCU Physioshark Research Program
Images thanks to Tom Vierus

The Physioshark Research Program at James Cook University is dedicated to understanding how climate change is impacting sharks. The team investigates the effects of rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification, and declining oxygen on the physiology and behaviour of sharks which informs conservation efforts.

Sharks are an important element of healthy environments and without them entire ocean ecosystems can fall out of balance. Based on the Great Barrier Reef and in French Polynesia the Physioshark Research Program seeks to understand and protect sharks in a changing world.

By working to safeguard these important predators, the team is contributing to the health and sustainability of marine ecosystems, which are essential to the well-being of our planet.

You can support this vital research by making a donation to JCU.