Future Taskforce

Future Taskforce

Future Taskforce

The Vice Chancellor appointed the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor to lead a Taskforce to guide the Future Program in July 2012.

The Terms of Reference for the JCU – the Future Taskforce are ambitious, with the group asked to chart the course to enable JCU to achieve a sharper focus on the tropical agenda and thereby increase our impact, relevance and engagement with the people and issues of the tropical world.

Taskforce Reports

The Taskforce has overseen the development of two major reports:

A Program Management Office has been established to oversee the recommendations contained in these reports.


Consultation with staff and students has been a major priority of the Taskforce. Four Scenarios were developed to stimulate discussion on what our future might look like, using 2025 as the horizon. Staff and students contributed to the through a word cloud, forums, web discussion board, email and personal contact with Taskforce members. The input received through this consultation was collated and is reflected in the Crystallising our Purpose and Review of Services and Operations.

Principles for reorganisation