James Cook University Model

James Cook University Model

We will focus on the tropics. A grand challenges framework will be implemented across our learning and teaching, research and engagement to provide deliberate and explicit connections to issues and innovations affecting the tropics. In doing this we will not lose sight of our role in providing the professional workforce for northern Australia and Singapore and will ensure our curriculum, research and engagement delivers long-term financial sustainability for the institution.

Our environment will be research rich. Our research will be excellent, impactful and relevant to our communities and the broader tropics. The grand challenges framework will encourage more collaborative research and raise awareness of the importance of research in solving real life problems. Research and teaching will be closely linked to create a distinctive nexus, thereby enhancing the student experience and encouraging students to pursue higher degrees.

We will be student focused. Students will have opportunities to customise their course of study through a range of mechanisms including mobility across campuses, flexible and technology-enabled delivery modes, fast-tracking, and programs for high achieving students. We will maintain our commitment to improving opportunities and access to higher education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other disadvantaged groups including those living in rural and remote communities.

We will be connected to our community. Our engagement activities will link our learning and teaching and research with community aspirations. We will be socially responsive and embrace the Indigenous people of Australia and the first peoples of the tropics more broadly. Our community of interest will be the tropics, with particular emphasis on northern Australia, Singapore and an ‘arc of engagement’ extending from Papua New Guinea and the island states of the Western Pacific to Malaysia. Through the grand challenges framework staff and students will have the opportunity to become involved in projects that provide tangible benefits to tropical communities.

We will be internationally engaged. We will integrate international perspectives across our learning and teaching, research and engagement activities. We will establish ‘deep partnerships’ with a small number of institutions with shared interests, predominantly in the region extending from Papua New Guinea to Malaysia, providing opportunities for international collaboration across the breadth of University business. Staff and students will have the opportunity to move between campuses and our overseas partner institutions. We will maintain relationships with our students and graduates through international alumni networks.

We will be culturally informed. Staff and students will have a knowledge and understanding of the importance of culture to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and those living in the tropics more broadly. Our presence in Asia through the Singapore campus and partnerships with Asian institutions will enhance insights into cultures in that region and enable our graduates to gain awareness and skills to communicate across cultures.