Four futures

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Four futures

In 2025 JCU will be operating in a vastly different environment compared to 2012. No one knows what the future holds, but to create a university that is distinctive, resilient and sustainable we need to step outside our current way of thinking and consider how the higher education landscape, and JCU’s place within it, might change in the next one to two decades.

To assist with this process the taskforce commissioned Thinking Futures to develop four scenarios to engage the JCU community in a discussion about the nature and depth of change required to transform JCU into a university that will be distinctive, resilient and sustainable into the future.

Scenarios are stories about possible futures. They are analyses in narrative form about how different, plausible alternative futures might unfold over time. They are not predictions or descriptions of what will happen: they are analytical explorations of what ‘could be’. All scenarios consider how JCU might be delivering its core business of learning and teaching, research and engagement in 2025.

The scenarios have been developed to trigger conversation and thinking beyond the status-quo. They are the beginning of the strategy development process, not the end product.