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JCU – The Future

Principles for the Reorganisation of the University

The Taskforce is of the view that maintaining the status quo in terms of the organisation of the University is not an option, as this would not be in the best interests of our effectiveness and financially sustainability.

The Taskforce proposes that the following principles should guide the reorganisation of the University.

The organisation of the University should:

  1. Be commensurate with our size and activities;

  2. Promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations, underpinned by a strong and proactive service culture;

  3. Support the priorities expressed in the University Plan;

  4. Deliver internal units of a size that is appropriate to the scale and complexity of our operations;

  5. Deliver clear lines of responsibility and accountability;

  6. Realise the opportunities provided by our tri-city configuration and achieve an appropriate distribution of leadership responsibilities across campuses;

  7. Facilitate whole-of-institution approaches; and

  8. Foster scholarly collaboration amongst the academic units.