The Academy change process

The Academy change process

The Academy change process


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The proposed functional Model

A proposed functional model was developed through consultation with Deputy Vice Chancellors, Deans of Colleges and other senior managers through a series of workshops held in May and June. It was released to staff on 15 July for informal consultation.

Following informal consultation the proposed model was modified and was released for formal consultation on 6 August. Further consultation occurred following the release of the document to develop further detail around positions and the number of staff required.

The revised proposed functional model will be released for a final round of consultation on Friday 29 August.

No decisions have been made in regard to the proposed functional model. The Vice Chancellor will make a decision in regard to the functional model for the academy following the consultation process.

Design Principles

The design of the proposed functional model for the Academy was guided by several considerations, including the Principles that were established and endorsed in 2013 for the restructure of the University.

It is also proposed that the Colleges and Divisions have the following characteristics.

  • Broad consistency of staffing structures across the Academy;

  • Designation of Academic Groups within Colleges for which a Head will be appointed from existing senior academic staff;

  • Reflect tri-city aspect in design and delivery of programs and physical location of staff;

  • Consistency of academic governance across the Colleges and Academic Divisions in terms of Associate Deans Learning and Teaching, Research and Research Education positions;

  • Opportunities to create economies of scale through academic divisions will be utilised;

  • Continuation of Shared Service model for delivery of key services to the academy including Finance, HR, Marketing, ICT and Student Services;

  • Opportunities to expand the shared services model for other key services may be considered.

  • Development of position descriptions in conjunction with Colleges and Academic Divisions to ensure:

    • All professional and technical positions have up-to-date Position Descriptions, which describe the duties and responsibilities of the position;

    • Identified academic leadership roles, including ADTLs, ADRs, ADREs are clearly defined in terms of duties and responsibilities;

    • There is equity in terms of levels of appointment and remuneration across the University; and

    • There is consistency in the use of position titles.

  • Budget management implemented at College level; and

  • Divisions will focus on courses/programs; Colleges will focus on subjects

Change Process

The University is undertaking a three phase approach to consultation to provide staff with the opportunity to contribute to the process. By the conclusion of the formal consultation process, staff will have had 7 weeks in which to provide input and feedback on three versions of the proposed functional model.

Phase 1

  • An informal consultation process was conducted from 15 to 29 July. During this staff had the opportunity to attend forums and information sessions and provide written feedback. More than 200 staff attended divisional information sessions and 83 written submissions were received during this time.

Phase 2

  • A Change Proposal was released to staff on Wednesday 6 August and the formal consultation process commenced. The Change Proposal provides detailed information on the proposed functional model including estimated staff numbers in each functional unit.

  • Workshops, led by an external facilitator, were held in Townsville and Cairns from 11-15 August to provide staff with an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed functional model and provide alternative suggestions. A report was provided to the steering group by the external facilitator at the end of the workshops. The feedback received during those workshops is reflected in the Change Proposal released on 29 August.

  • Further meetings were held with Deputy Vice Chancellors, College Deans and School Managers in relation to the functions and tasks conducted within Colleges and Divisions and how these could be arranged.

  • Detailed data was collected from Divisions in relation to the functions undertaken by staff. This data was utilised to ensure that the functions currently being undertaken could be accounted for in the proposed functional model and to provide more accurate staffing numbers for each area.

  • Written feedback was also received from staff either via email or anonymous webform. This was distributed to members of the steering committee for consideration.

Phase 3

  • On 29 August the University released a more detailed structure within each functional area providing information on the number and level of positions and any potential redundancies.

  • Staff will have until Friday 12 September to provide feedback on proposed functional model.

Following consultation

  • At the conclusion of the formal consultation process, feedback will be consolidated and provided to the Vice Chancellor for consideration.

  • A change plan will be developed reflecting the Vice Chancellor’s decision and include a plan for implementation.

  • Implementation will occur progressively in accordance with change plan.

Indicative Key Dates

The following dates are indicative and may change as the process occurs.

15 July

Proposed Functional Model released

15 – 29 July

Informal consultation

6 August

Release of Change Proposal to staff and commencement of formal consultation

13 August

Change Proposal discussed at JCC

29 August

Release of Change Management Proposal – Phase 2

12 September

Feedback on Change Proposal closes

19 September

Release Change Plan Part A

10 October

Release Change Plan Part B

To follow

  • Change Plan released

  • Change Plan discussed at JCC

  • Implementation commences

Further Consultation 19 September to 3 October

The University will undertake a further two weeks of consultation in regard to the following aspects of the proposed functional model:

  • Team structure of laboratory and technical staff in Division of Tropical Environments and Societies and Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

  • Team structure of College of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Proposed Implementation Plan

Staff will be able to provide written submission, either by anonymous web form or email, from 19 September – 3 October.

Further consultation will occur with Deputy Vice-Chancellors and College Deans in regard to the number of Full time Equivalent positions and HEW levels of positions listed on the structure.

The outcomes of this consultation will be provided to the Vice-Chancellor to inform her decision and be reported on in the Change Plan – Phase B scheduled to be released on 10 October 2014.

Written Feedback

You can provide written feedback through both the informal and formal consultation phases through either of the following mechanisms:

Key Contacts

  • Deputy Vice Chancellors

  • College Deans

  • Stephanie Hunter

  • Belinda Pope

  • Anthony Galliozzi