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Language and Culture Research Centre News & Events Announcements Prof. R. M. W. (Bob) Dixon launches three new volumes

Prof. R. M. W. (Bob) Dixon launches three new volumes

On at 2 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd May at the Cairns Institute, Cairns campus, Prof Bob Dixon launched 3 volumes of work on one of the original languages of North Queensland.

Prof. Bob Dixon & Dr Ernie Grant sitting on a bench outside holding the volumes

The VC, Prof. Sandra Harding & Dr. Ernie Grant (Aboriginal elder of the Jirrbal group) spoke to the assembled crowd & thanked Prof. Dixon for his tireless work in producing such an important resource for language preservation.

The volumes consist of a Dyirbal thesaurus and dictionary, covering Girramay, Jirrbal, Mamu, Ngajan and six other dialects. Part 1. Nominals: Nouns, Adjectives and Time words. xv, 411 pp. Part 2. Alphabetical for Part 1. iv, 136p.Dyirbal Texts: 78 Legends, Stories, Autobiographies, Conversations, and Remedies in Jirrbal, Girramay, Mamu, and Gulngay. viii, 350 pp