Research Fellows and Associates

Dr Neil (Alex) Walker

Research Fellow

Dr. Nathan M. White

Research Associate

PhD Scholars

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Adjunct Research Fellows

Dr Luca Ciucci

Adjunct Research Fellow

Dr Knut Olawsky

Senior Linguist and Manager of the Mirima Language Centre

Dr Tim Henry-Rodriguez

Photo of Dr Simon Overall

Dr Simon Overall

Dr Kasia Wojtylak

Adjunct Research Fellow

Craig Volker

Adjunct Professor

Dr Steve Watters

Dr Angeliki Alvanoudi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Photo of Dr Tianqiao Mike Lu

Dr Tianqiao Mike Lu

Photo of Kenneth Memson Sumbuk

Kenneth Memson Sumbuk

Dr Chia-jung Pan

Mario Arrien

Cassy Nancarrow

Carola Emkow

Betsy Bradshaw

Photo of Valérie Guérin

Valérie Guérin

Dr Junwei Bai

Dr Firew Girma Worku

Abu Saleh Mohammad Rafi

Adjunct Lecturer

Dr Robert Bradshaw

Visitors and Associates

Dr Elena Mihas

Photo of Professor Anvita Abbi

Professor Anvita Abbi

Professor Oscar E. Aguilera F.

Photo of José Luis Brito

José Luis Brito

Photo of Jovino Brito

Jovino Brito

Photo of Rafael Brit

Rafael Brit

Dr Ernie Grant

Photo of Cácio Silva

Cácio Silva

Photo of Elisângela Silva

Elisângela Silva

Photo of Professor Andrew Butcher

Professor Andrew Butcher

Associated JCU Colleagues

Dr Florence Boulard

Professor Ton Otto

Photo of Dr Robin Rodd

Dr Robin Rodd

Dr Lidia Suárez

Dr Sean Ulm

Distinguished Professor

Dr Michael Wood

Senior Lecturer

International Consultative Board

Completed PhD Students

  • Dr Chia-jung Pan (March 2012)
  • Dr Sihong Zhang (December 2013)
  • Dr Dineke Schokkin (February 2014)
  • Dr Hannah Sarvasy (September 2014)
  • Dr Juliane Boettger (March 2015)
  • Dr Ryan Pennington (March 2016)
  • Dr Grant Aiton (June 2016)
  • Dr Mikko Salminen (October 2016)
  • Dr Katarzyna (Kasia) I. Wojtylak (August 2017)
  • Dr Junwei Bai (December 2019)
  • Dr Firew Girma Worku (March 2020)
  • Dr Nathan M White  (October 2021)
  • Dr Pema Wangdi (November 2021)