Warekena of Xie

Warekena of Xie is a North Arawak language closely related to Baniva of Guainia and Yavitero.

This folder contains the following references on Warekena of Xié (a dialect of Baniwa of Guainia):

Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald 1998 'Warekena', pp. 215-439 of Handbook of Amazonian Languages, edited by D. C. Derbyshire and G. K. Pullum vol.4. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and Rute Maria Coelho Amorim '1995. Warekena in Brazil', Opción 18: 29-44. PDF here A.A.LUme 1992 LUME Revista do Centro de Ciencias da Educacao

Rute Maria Coelho Amorim and Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. 1992. 'História lingüística e consciência étnica dos Warequéna. Lume 1: 45-52 PDF here Warekena Sarsha R 1992 História lingüística e consciência étnica dos Warequéna.pdf

2002 Criancas Abandonadas 

2002 Warekena Dicionario

This grammar of Warekena was published in The Handbook of Amazonian languages, volume 4, edited by Desmond Derbyshire and G. K. Pullum, Mouton De Gruyter 1998. (It follows the standard structure of all the grammars in that series).

This folder contains some stories in Warekena of Xié with transcriptions and translations done jointly with the authors of the stories. These and other sound files are restricted. If you would like to listen to them, e-mail Alexandra.Aikhenvald@jcu.edu.au.

Kunehu glossed (PDF, 371 KB)

Yanomami translation (PDF, 212 KB)

These songs were recorded on 22 May 2012, as part of the oficina Pedagogica conducted by Sacha Aikhenvald and Eneida Santos (UFAM). The songs are mostly Christian in content. Transcriptions and the originals of song texts are attached. Group 7 (see Transcriptions) did not have a written version (instead, they dictated their version to Sacha). These and other sound files are restricted. If you would like to listen to them, e-mail Alexandra.Aikhenvald@jcu.edu.au.

Download the recording  (MP3, 9025 KB)

Transcriptions of the Warekena songs

Songs in Warekena (all translated from Portuguese, and most of them religious) were created by the rememberers in cooperation with native speakers (Arthur, Floriano, Amilton Baltar, and also Pedro and Mariano, Maria and Marequinha), during the Workshop in May 2012. We hope that the songs will contribute to the process of reclaiming the Warekena language. These transcriptions were typed by Sacha, from the attached originals. Most songs were translated into Warekena, Língua Geral (or Nhêengatú) (nowadays the major language spoken in the Warekena communities) and also Portuguese. Some were translated just into Portuguese.

Download transcripts here  (ZIP, 224 KB)