Student Advice

1. Upload

  1. In the My Mediasite Dashboard click on the orange button +Add Media in the blue bar on the right
  2. Select the card on the right “I want to upload a file from my computer”
  3. Browse your computer and select your video file
  4. In the pop-out window ‘New Presentation Details’ - provide a name and description and then click the button Create Presentation
  5. The video will upload and process (allow some time)
  6. Once the video has been fully processed and is ready to be made ‘Viewable’ you will be notified via email.

File size and internet upload speeds

Not all home internet connections are suitable for uploading even moderately sized videos.

Firewalls and network restrictions

Some internet connections, especially those managed by large organisations, may employ firewalls which will impact the use of Mediasite.

Upload from campus

For large files upload them from campus and via a wired connection. It's faster.

Double the run-time

Mediasite can take up to double the run-time of a video to process for distribution. For example, a ten minute video will take roughly twenty minutes until it is ready for playback.

Make it 'Viewable'

Videos must be made viewable before they can be shared with your lecturer.

2. Change from 'Private' to 'Viewable'

Videos are set to 'Private' by default when created and are only viewable by the owner.

  1. In My Mediasite Dashboard find the video that is to be made Viewable
  2. In the bottom-right under the thumbnail, click on the padlock icon, you can toggle between Private and Viewable.

3. Share your video

  1. Find the presentation you would like to share and click it to open
  2. From the right hand menu of the click the green Share Presentation button then select and click Copy 
  3. If being used as part of an assessment task, Paste the link as per the instructions in your module outline.