Last updated: 12 June 2018

The new Bb Grader app for iOS provides lecturers with a mobile solution for reviewing, grading and providing feedback on students’ submission to LearnJCU Assignment dropboxes. The Bb Grader app provides seamless integration with LearnJCU by supporting most of the functionality currently in the Assignment tool including: inline viewing of supported file types (PDF, Microsoft Word., Microsoft PowerPoint, PNG and JPEG images); integration with Multiple Attempts, Group Assignments, Rubrics, and Anonymous Grading; gesture based interactions such as point commenting for grading and feedback; and the ability to record instant audio or video feedback.

Bb Grader


  • Support for most Assignment features:

    • Text, Audio, and Video feedback

    • Point comments

    • Private notes

    • Anonymous Assignments

    • Grading with Rubrics

    • Comments within Rubrics

  • Bulk Grade Submission

  • Messaging

  • Retention Center Integration

    • Risk Profile

    • Alerts

Tablet requirements:

  • iOS 7 or later

  • iPad 2+ and iPad mini supported

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