Last updated: 12 June 2018

Techsmith Fuse allows you to record video with your Apple or Android mobile device anytime, anywhere just as easily as the Camtasia Relay recorder on your desktop computer. Once you have recorded your video, you can upload it to the JCU Camtasia relay server and it will be processed with your selected video profile. As with all Camtasia recordings you will receive an email with a link or links to the video, which can be added directly to your LearnJCU subject as a URL.



  • Capture live events, presentations and teachable moments on-the-go.

  • Create quick camera videos to engage students with real-life examples.

  • Record extra learning materials such as labs, fieldwork, or visual aids.

  • Send videos recorded on your mobile device to Camtasia Studio on your desktop computer for editing

  • Upload any existing videos on your device to the JCU Camtasia Relay server and nd publish to your LearnJCU subject site.

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