Learning Environments

After any major upgrade, such as the recent move to SaaS, there will always be questions and issues raised. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions reaching the Learning Environments team.

Most common questions:

My subject list is cluttered. Can I hide them like I used to?
For staff yes and for students, not yet. Staff are able to hide subjects from the subject/courses page by hovering over a subjects tile and clicking on the eye icon. This feature will be made available to students in the future.

How do I get my readings into the new tool?
The library has a guide on the new readings system, that will answer this question.

I'm not seeing a subject in my list which I should be seeing?
There are a few steps to be taken to ensure access to the correct subjects:

Please note, LearnJCU support is unable to adjust enrolments and is only able to assist with technical issues.

How do I see previous subject reports?
Lecturers' can find their reports from previous years by following the steps listed in article YourJCU Subject Reports.

Where do I request subject site merges, transfers or create a community site?
Staff can go to the www.jcu.edu.au/learn/support where they will find links to all three request forms.

Regularly updated known issues can be seen in 'Further information'. Please send through a support request if you have an issue which is not listed.