Learning Environments

Blackboard's Software as a Service (SaaS)

Between the 15th and 20th of December 2017, LearnJCU migrated, from what was once known as Managed Hosting, to a cloud based deployment model known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

The benefits of moving to SaaS

  • LearnJCU will be hosted on Amazon’s Web Services and will gain stability from the cloud architecture as well as continuous updates and minimal downtime
  • Improvements to the learning environment will happen faster and more often via our work with the developer, Blackboard
  • There will be enhancements to the frontend interface and it will become responsive, which means the design will suit whichever device it is being viewed on, whether it be desktop, tablet or mobile.

The interface has changed

The enhancements to the interface design, known as the Ultra experience, is quite a change to what you're familiar with since the system launch in 2001, but don’t worry you’ll still learn and teach in much the same way as you have in the past.

Want to see more?

Have a look at the article 'Changes to LearnJCU'.