Learning Environments

Offline viewing with the mobile app

Not available in the Ultra experience.

Today’s learners are constantly on the go and rely on their mobile devices to stay informed, organised, and connected.

So, what happens when reliable internet access is nowhere to be found?

Breaking down learning barriers

To ensure that students and learners can truly stay connected to their learning environments no matter where they are, we’ve introduced offline capabilities to the Blackboard app. Now, students have continuous access to their critical content anytime, anywhere.

A better learning experience

  • Increased availability:
    Access content 24x7, regardless of connectivity
  • On-the-go learning:
    Access content on a plane, train, or anywhere in between
  • Reduced data usage:
    Download content in advance to avoid using limited data

Important to know

When using this feature it is important to consider any download limits or quotas which may be in place on your connection and to remember that some items are hosted externally to LearnJCU, such as Mediasite presentations and readings, and may not be captured for offline viewing.

Quick tip:

Use the “Auto-sync” tool to automatically download files when connected to a network. This will ensure the latest content is available when offline. Select “Wifi only” to save data.