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Mediasite Webinar Recording

Webinar was conducted on Tuesday 17th of March 2020 at 1-2pm (AEST)

Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) is an easy to use, desktop capture solution that integrates with LearnJCU.

Our webinar will demonstrate how to use MDR to record topical videos and Powerpoint presentations plus go through the tips for success and the easiest ways to share your videos with students.

This video can be paused and restarted at anytime.

Additional resources

If you are installing MDR on a JCU Windows computer you will also need to run the Make Me Admin program before commencing installation to have the necessary permissions. This is not required for Mac computers.

Computer system requirements for downloading MDR:

Window's system requirementsMAC system requirements

Due to core changes in macOS Catalina, the current version of Mediasite Desktop Recorder will not support macOS Catalina.